About Gediminas

Ed and Donna
Defying their parents’ bold conspiracy to sabotage their young love, Donna & Ed announce they will marry, elope if necessary. Donna’s dowry is zero. Ed’s prospects unknown. They have no mentors, no friends in high places. Their hopes are daydreams. She borrows a friend’s wedding gown. Ed, standing behind her, equally penniless as a private on active duty in the US Army, wears his uniform.

They have just vowed to remain together—
“Until death do us part.”

Gediminas Trimakas spent his childhood in Europe and teenage years in New York City. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in fiction, a graduate degree in finance, and served with distinction in the US Army Signal Corps.

He published three novels (as Holland Kane) —Morning Light won praise from Kirkus Reviews and Publisher’s Weekly. As editor for the Sonora Review he published prose by Maxine Kumin, the United States poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner.

He lives with his wife in the Pacific Northwest.


Donna, the bird whisperer—the lovebird is mesmerized, the photographer too.