Novels & Book Clubs

Novels full of secrets, tension, love, and (sometimes) redemption—Holland Kane’s books are destined to become book club favorites.

deer-creek-cover Deer Creek
Two sisters, Rikki and Abbey—one given away at birth and lost in the foster care system, one pampered with love and privilege—find one another as teens, but don’t know the reason for the deep bond they feel. Around them, their home of Deer Creek is buckling. Rikki’s lover, the deputy mayor, wields his privately-funded SWAT team like a weapon. A health report threatens to uncover the scandal lurking in the local spa… >READ MORE

morning-light-cover Morning Light
Emily, a twenty-four-year-old dancer and choreographer, confronts her husband’s fixation with right-wing Catholic dogma that condemns her use of birth control. His faith is so powerful that he refuses to have sex with her, even though he desperately wants to. As awful as this broken faith feels, she is troubled more by her best friend’s losing fight with cancer, and seeks to help her friend’s grief-stricken, precocious, son… >READ MORE

winter-reeds-cover Winter Reeds
Documentary filmmaker Mike Harrison moves from New York City to a remote northwest town to research an infamous car dealership fire. The generation-old unsolved arson left two people dead, and if Mike can solve the mystery he’ll have a career-making movie. He’s distracted, though, by beautiful Katie Ames, a fellow New Yorker who’s come to Hallmark County with her mentally handicapped brother to piece together… >READ MORE