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Copies of the memoir Car Palace and the novels Winter Reeds and Morning Light are now available for media and blog reviews. Please visit the Book Club page or use the Contact form to obtain either a paperback or e-book edition.

Media Assistance:

Car Palace – A Memoir Media Kit
Deer Creek Media Kit
Winter Reeds Media Kit
Morning Light Media Kit

The paperback and ebook editions of Winter Reeds, Morning Light and Deer Creek, are  now available at Author’s Central from Gediminas Trimakas writing under his pen name: Gediminas as Holland Kane on Amazon

Reviews For Morning Light:

“Ed (Gediminas) writes fiction that will make you think.” Billy Squier, American rock musician

A “story of loss, ethics and forbidden love.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Kane weaves a threnody of desire and guilt…battle between love and lust…provides enjoyable reading;” (full review here.)  Publishers Weekly

In this exploration of a modern woman’s search for love and fulfillment, Holland Kane sheds light on the dark places our dreams can carry us, places we never meant to go.” 
Carol Orlockaward-winning novelist.

“a poignant novel…examines long-buried memories and unsolved mysteries…[that] comes full circle from loss and longing to passionate, obsessive love and, eventually, a sense of self.” 
–D. Donovan, Midwest Review of Books

 “…beautifully written novel!”
Sincerely, Sara, Style & Books

“Morning Light explores the shadow side of intimacy–the insecurities, fears and jealousies that gnaw away at relationships…we can’t help but identify with the push/pull of their lives as they move through this well paced, engaging read.”
–Jeanette LoCurto

Holland Kane creates characters you care about deeply who then drive you crazy. Edgy, original, well-written.”
–Stefanie Marlis, Poet 

“A moving story.” 
–D. Donovan, Midwest Review of Books


Reviews For Winter Reeds:

“Kane spins a fascinating web of discoveries and intrigue, and the surprises don’t stop until the very end.”  Kirkus Reviews. “A gripping tale of how some secrets can’t be buried.” –Kirkus Reviews (click here for the full review)

“A powerful first novel…many threads of intrigue…Don’t expect easy answers or predictable conclusions.”
–D. Donovan, Midwest Review of Books

“In a novel filled with intrigue and mystery, Holland Kane has a woven dark enchantment – one you won’t want to escape.” 
–Carol Orlock
, award-winning novelist

“Kane shows sensitivity to language and story in this revealing book – I couldn’t put it down.”
–Ina Bray, librarian and former chair of the King County Arts Commission